Hello All:
My name is zeke. A geek? Not hardly. I'm about the farthest thing from a computer geek. If I had to break out of a wet paper bag, I would need to search online for instructions. Aaw, that's not completely true. I can get out of a wet paper bag; it's the computer where I need my help.
I live in Brasil, in the most populous state of Sao Paulo. For fun, I write short stories, poetry, articles and post a lot of my work on Helium and Xomba. I have some nasty habits that have taken centuries to develop. They are called collections. Yes, coffee cups, medical industry pens, oil lamps, rocks and books. I love reading, watching movies, listening to music. Favorite musics include (but are not limited to) Classical, Oldies (50s, 60s, 70s), Country Classics and Easy Listening (Kenny G, etc).
I also teach English to Brasilian businessmen and women who need to know the language to communicate with English speaking countries. I majored in English, especially composition, while attending Idaho State University from '93 to '98. I love to write my own lessons rather than use the English books that have flooded the book markets of the world.
Meeting new people is one of my passions. I love discussing current events of the world, especially the upcoming presidential race. Meeting new people means an exchange of experiences, intelligences, and the opportunity to learn new facts about something, yea, anything.
I listen to a lot of Internet radio because the medium-sized farm community in which I live doesn't have a lot of classical or American country music on their radio stations. Please don't be bashful with me. Stop by and say hello, say good-bye, say something. I field questions and comment on remarks and statements.
May God bless those of you who desire to be blessed; and may our God bless the United States of America and bring her up from the depths of political devastation into which she has fallen. Amen!

Ah ha! Do I suspect an other-worldly soul has embraced my space? Are we to play guessing games about you? Will you be kind enuf to reveal yourself and make you known to me? Like where and what you are, what you do... various little details that enhance any primary encounter between souls of like kind. Hmmm... that assumes a lot up front.


Welcome to DaniWeb. Your use of the milspelled word enuf got me to searching the internet to see if it was really a correct spelling. Came across this article from about four years ago

Carrying signs reading "I'm thru with through," "Spelling shuud be lojical," and "Spell different difrent," the protesters — who first protested two years ago, but skipped last year — drew chuckles from bee contestants

Glad to have you with us!

Hi zeke...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

I think we can find many interesting topics we can chat around. I am a postgraduate student (female ;) ) from american university of California, but I don't like to talk about politics, since in my country there is no such phenomena as politics :), it's chaos. But I do write a lot of papers regarding democracy, aggenda setting, mass media. All this stuff is very interesting and nothing is applicable in my country. I feel that I cannot be an "agend of change" (as one of our professors, Dr. Fuller claims) :D

Hello and Welcome to Daniweb

Thank u, and I have a lot of questions, may I? :S