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According to the latest figures to be released, it would seem that as far as gamers in the UK are concerned Nintendo is the bees knees grabbing nearly half the market.

The ELSPA numbers show that the Wii managed to increase game software sales by 112 percent over the previous year to hit a total of 20.1 million sold. Only just behind was the DS with some 19.1 million games. Add it all up and you get, if my math is correct, 39.2 million Nintendo games sold in the UK during 2008. Not bad, considering the total number of games sold across all platforms was 82.8 million. Hold on while I grab the calculator again, blimey o'reilly that works out to an incredible 47 percent of the total number of games sold in the UK.

Some might say that the Sony PlayStation 3 did even better, if you compare numbers sold in 2007 and 2008. The Sony PS3 saw a jump of 145 percent, year on year, to 10.4 million games sold. Meanwhile the Xbox 360 was also up, although not as spectacularly, by 51 percent to 14.9 million games sold.

However, Nintendo really are the clear winners, even if you look at the financial league table. The Wii generated a huge UKP £481million in games sales, the DS an equally impressive UKP £366 million. The Xbox 360 didn't do too badly either, with software sales in the UK generating some UKP £443 million. The PS3 trailed the bunch on UKP £334 million.

Recession, what recession huh? At least as far as the games industry is concerned, with 2008 proving to be a record year. According to ELSPA the total gross from gaming sales, including hardware and software, was just over UKP £4 billion. That is up 23 percent from the previous year. Looking at games sales alone, these increased from UKP £1.5 billion in 2007 to UKP £1.9 billion in 2008.

All in all, at least as far as console positioning is concerned, the figures would seem to tally with those recently released for the US which has Nintendo sitting firmly at the top of the gaming sales tree.