I am trying to animate someone playing cards. I have three cards linked to one hand, but I want to reach up with the other hand, take one of the cards and put it on the table. That means I need to transfer the link from the first hand to the second, and then delete it completely when the card is on the table. I have no idea how to link and unlink ON keyframes. Can someone please help me with this, as I cannot find anything about it anywhere, and no other forums are answering me. Thanks

No one can tell you a thing without knowing what program language you are using, what compiler, and what operating system.

Then we will move this thread to the approproiate board. It doesn't belong here in the lounge -- support questions are not allowed here.

Sorry, I just saw someone else posting a support question here so I did too. I'm not too sure what you mean by needing to know what program language, compiler and operating system I'm using. It's just a bit of help with 3D Max (8). I'm using XP if that makes a difference somehow.

Sorry dude, I haven't worked with 3DS Max for about three major versions. Even then I didn't do much animation. You're better off asking on a forum that specializes in 3D art; Daniweb doesn't really touch on that particular field, so your question is likely to go unanswered. Have you tried the Autodesk forums?

I see - I'll try the Autodesk forums, thanks.