I wonder if this could be downgraded to XP or Win98se :)


I reckon your right (I have one but didnt think of it like that (Ah man!!))

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to me its just a laptop with out the monitor,neat though

so is it able to be downgraded i mean there would be things that i would rather use it for rather than vista i would rather game on xp xp=best system "my opinion" and would rather use that wondered about it myself but oh well guess we will find out when someone actually does it or try dual boot but if dual boot you gotta put on xp first then vista so either way vista has to come off anyways bye

Looks like a posh Amiga! Remember those? :twisted:

Ok, we understand that a small form-factor PC like Cybernet’s ZPC GX31 would really suit some user’s needs: on a cramped shop counter-top perhaps.

That looks pretty cool.