I'm looking forward to hanging in the caffeinated lounge community.

I work in tech recruiting in the San Francisco Bay Area. Who could ask for more?! It's lovely here, the spirit and energy for new-tech plus our been-there done-that career gurus.

I like to ask people questions like: What type of corporate culture do you thrive in? If you could, what industries would you work in? What type of work would you like to do next?

The beauty of the Silicon Valley + San Francisco Bay Area is we have much to choose from - while most recruiters aren't miracle workers, it feels nice to get you close!

Lastly, if you leave your company for more money, I hope it's a whopping amount beyond the staple 10%. Otherwise, money buys temporary happiness - not necessarily career-lasting happiness. I'm sure it can for some of you, but that's the thing about exceptions versus norms, where would most of us fall? Sometimes I am the exception, sometimes I am the norm.


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