Hi everybody!

My name is Mike Bean and I'm an alcoholic ... oops! ... computer geek!

I've been 'in computers' since 1972 fooling around with compiler compilers, program generators, assember coding, context sensitive compiling all in the dim and distant past. I've been investigating RFID, area WiFi, self-healing networks and location-aware methods for potential process and safety systems design up until I retired.

Now, like a fool, I've got involved in creating web-sites for a bunch of local organisations (for nowt, sadly!) and, through a chance encounter with PHP (that looks like the scripting language I longed for 30 years ago!) and the WordPress system, I have nailed my colours to the mast and determined that it will make a good choice for the sort of Content Management System approach to creating magazine-like web-sites.

I am progressing but with the many themes available I'm having trouble getting the most from the included functionality of each theme (doc is often not great) and understanding quite how the heavily nested CSSs affect the final output!

So - I'm interested in bouncing ideas off anyone who's been using WordPress and I shall be asking questions in the Web Dev area on PHP quirks.

That's me -Mike Bean

Welcome to DaniWeb Mike. Sorry that I can't help you but I know there are several experts here that will be more than happy to help you out. Our Web Development and Site Management boards are probably just what you are looking for.

Welcome! Our 12 steps are easy to remember ;)

Hi Mike...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)