Please guide me about "Web 2.0".Is it a software that is used to web development and designing,if so then please tell me how to download it and use it?

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Wikipedia have a good article on this. If you have any specific Q's then let me know.


"WEB 2.0" is how you skin your web page buttons Trend, nothing to do with the web itself. It's a simple graphical effect to make image-based objects apear as if they're made of plastic, glass, or some orther polished glossy material.

That's about all the mistery surrounding "WEB 2.0" - A fancy expression.:D

It's an imaginary provoking notion that will lead the subject to pressume that it's something concreete; something new; something cool and advanced he never heard about, making him feel miserable for being such a damn uninformed laggard for something that in reality have never existed.

So: WEB 2.0 is propaganda, - it simply doesn't exist!


well for me. I think web 2.0 means sites that use ajax.

Load more context without reloading the whole webpage.

Web 2.0 is also used as a way to show "who" uses the Internet. The Web 2.0 "generation" tends to be on the Internet far more than Web 1.0 which would be like your parents or grandparents.

This is generally used in marketing for designing ways to reach the younger generation.

Those are some useful articles Shanti Chepuru, but what is your opinion on it?

A Web 2.0 website typically features a number of the following techniques:

* AJAX and other Rich Internet Application techniques
* Semantically valid XHTML markup and/or the use of Microformats
* Syndication and aggregation of data in RSS/Atom
* Clean and meaningful URLs
* Extensive use of folksonomies (in the form of tags or tagclouds, for example)
* Weblog publishing
* Mashups
* REST or XML Webservice APIs

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