Making one choice for the rest of ur life is a lil hard when you face the real world. Because there is two side to that path being successful or the opposite. The choice that I want to make is been a computer engineer. i chose this path since the world is getting more demander in technology and i think more position might be needed in near future. But having a big family, all blue color workers doesn't help me with any questions or motivation to continue. Because their ideology is only labor for cash. =) as most people do. i like more the cash then be a slave. My point for this thread. as i would imagine in this site, there is people that study computer engineering and the ones that finished this major. Is it worth the time and taking this risk in my life? would money be an issue when i'll graduate? was it hard for you?

Thanks for you answear and L:eek:king my thread

p.s. if its not a hustle i would like to know your status of the education.
[e.i. undergraduate, graduate,masters ext.] thanks again

since you asked... I have a BS in computer Science, not engineering. Don't think that just because you finish a degree in computer engineering there will be tons of high-paying jobs just waiting for you. This isn't the year 2000 anymore.

You need to go with your gut and study something that interests you. You cant choose a field of study for your family, or for money, etc, otherwise down the line you will feel that you made a mistake.

Finding a job is all relative on the needs of the market and your location.

Computer engineering is actually the same as Computer science, just that you study 2 year Computer Science and 2 year Electrical Engineering.

Somehow, you will be fighting with both field in order to find a job.
I have B. Eng in Electrical Engineering.

Well, it really depend on where you came from and what is your country vision and market demand.

It just that, because Computer Engineering, don't tend to ignore those from Computer Science, ....our course are overlapping.

Enginnering not really what you think they are, at least not about highly paid compare to medicine.