I am looking for a good digital voice recorder. (like the carry in your pocket, kinda thing) (not looking for a pda really -- just want a voice recorder but I am not ruling PDA's out)

I want one were can you organize the recordings in the folders on the device.

By that I mean, for instance, if I have 3 recordings in a folder, I could make a new recording, and instead of if HAVING to be 4 -- I could insert it in between two other recordings. And/or just being able to rearrange order in general.

Also, it would be great to be able to move recordings between folders on the device.

Also, it would be great if it easily interfaced with the computer to get the audio files from it.

Thank you very much in afvance for your help!

Have a wonderful day! :)

Sounds like you want a standard mp3 player that has a mic. - most do. Then attach it to your pc and treat it like a thumb drive, renaming and reorganizing to your hearts content.

I guess I was not clear. I want a digital voice recorder, that lets you reorganize the recordings on the device itself. NOT when its connected to a computer.

I basically want to use it to help me remeber multiple things I am working on, and a sort of voice memo. But since I cant change the order of recordings, I can not adjust priority, by the way I want to do it.