Iam doing a project on Voice Recognition System in VB 6.0 where in if I say "Open Windows Media Player" it should open the media player. This is my idea pls tell me if it is right and pls help me to proceed with it.

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Hi Selva,
thanks for the help. I visited the microsoft link but they have mentioned about SAPI software. As I will develop Voice recognition system in VB, will I have to use SAPI software
along with VB. Pls guide me

Hi, Actually SAPI (Speech API) is not a Software. It is a SDK (Software Development Kit). It Consists of so many Activex controls, Libraries, Documentation,Samples about to develop the Speech related Softwares.

Better to use SAPI, it will reduce your more work such as Getting the Input from the Microphone, Getting the correct pronunciation, etc..
You just give the Grammar, how to recognize the Speech, it will give the result.

Download SAPI 5.1 and Try it.

Try your own Speech Recognizing System.

Hi Selva,

I want to develop my own Voice Recognition System using Visual Basic or VB.Net Should
I use SAPI along with Visual Basic or VB.Net . Pls guide me.

Good, Then install SAPI in your system. And we will discuss the Voice Recognition System.

Hi Selva,
I have downloaded & installed SpeechSDK51.exe from msttss22L.exe,sapi.chm, Sp5TTIntXP.exe,SpeechSDK51.exe,SpeechSDK51LangPack.exe,speechsdk51msm.exe which were available from the link which you had sent me. pls tell me is it the right software to be used in the system. Should I use VB or VB.Net and which of them will help me obtain more marks for the project.

Nice, Now you can develop your speech recognition software in any microsoft platform language. because it is COM(Component Object Model). My recommendation is any DOT NET language such as VB.NET, C#.NET etc..

Have you try the Samples (Examples) available in SAPI 5.1?
[Start Menu -> All Programs -> Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 -> Visual Basic Samples ]

Samples are in VB6, but you can convert it into any language (VB.NET, C#.NET ...).

Thanks for the recommendation. Can u help with the designing of the VRS as I dont have with me any voice recognition system for my reference.

Which language you have chosen? Start your project by referring the SpSharedRecoContext class

Actually I'm confused about which language which to use. As the project is for 100 marks, will I get more marks if I use VB.NET ? Also the class which u have mentioned is for VB or VB.NET

I already mention SAPI is a COM, so SpSharedRecoContext class is common for both VB and VB.NET. You may VB.NET because for doing the project and to learn VB.NET.

Pls give me an idea about the points to be considered while developng the project and
also about the forms

I downloaded the code from the site which u had sent me as a link. As I dont have much knowledge about VB.Net, I guess that the code was for VB.Net.
Will I have to use SAPI for the following code snippet
Dim Voice As SpVoice
Set Voice = New SpVoice
Voice.Speak "Howdy!" ,SVSFlagsAsync
Dim WithEvents RecoContext As SpSharedRecoContext
Dim Grammar As ISpeechRecoGrammar
Set RecoContext = New SpSharedRecoContext
Set Grammar = RecoContext.CreateGrammar(1)
Grammar.DictationSetState SGDSActive

' the following is the event handler for the recognition event...
Private Sub RecoContext_Recognition(ByVal StreamNumber As Long, _
ByVal StreamPosition As Variant, _
ByVal RecognitionType As SpeechRecognitionType, _
ByVal Result As ISpeechRecoResult _
Dim strText As String

' put strText in a TextBox, or whatever..
strText = Result.PhraseInfo.GetText.

End Sub

If so then pls tell me how

Hi, This Code is in VB.NET, It is demonstrated in VB6. Which version of VB.NET you are using currently? Visual Studio 2003, 2005 or 2008?

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