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I recently purchased a digital photo frame on ebay (item: 180139001180). All works well until I try to plug the AV cables into my TV and try to view the pictures by changing the output to "TV mode". I get an "out of range" error on the frame's display and no image on the TV. When the AV cable is partially inserted I get a garbled signal on the TV that I can make out as the image I should be seeing. I have tried to change the video output to NTSC (I am in Canada), but this did not work. Should the images on the card be in a resolution that is compatible with the TV (e.g. 640x480 or lower)? I have a TV similar, if not identical, to a Toshiba 24AF42. Thanks for the help.


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I also got a problem with my Kodak SV710 digital picture frame.
I've added some "photoshoped" pixs (.jpg format so it shouldn't be a problem) and the frame pops a message saying:
"Current file is bad[...]"..
Anyone know wat the problem might be?

(Btw, I guess my cell has reacted in quite the same way with same sort of files...)

managed to fix the issue. The pics where to large. Not in scale but digitaly. I noticed that pictures from facebook.com and so on where playable and by that piggured that the pix could not have more than "medium" (number 6 in photoshop .jpg-scale) quality.

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