Hi! I am running my own business. I want a favor from you all. My issue is that one of my clients hasn’t made his payment since last four months and I am having his phone number only. I have searched for his address but was not able to find it anywhere as I think it is an unlisted number. But I really want back my money. Is there any hope to recover his full information?
Any help is appreciated.

Well I guess there are people who really do that so the next time you have to do business you have to know where it is located and the true identity of the person you are dealing with.

You could just call the phone company and ask them. If its a legitimate number they will have to know the address. But you might need a court order to get it.

you will need a court order, which you won't get yourself.
Employ a collection agency, they have that capability.

Or you could just use the 'reverse directory' to look it up. Unlisted only means that the phone company does not list it - not that it is not listed somewhere. Remember that social hacking (pretending that you are someone you are not) is illegal so do NOT call the phone company and say that you forgot your address but you remember you phone # (it's a joke, son).