Good afternoon to you all, Well let's go to the point.

I'm a begginer programer, so I have already done some programs.... basics but practice to me... ""^-^""

Anyway... I've made an installer that is Useful when I try to install it on other PC's....

But I've got a problem with a PC that has restricted resources, because it's on a LAN.

So the Unique solution I've found is to install the VB6.0 on that computer...

Could you please lend me a hand ???

I dont know what to do.... And It's dissapointing that it doesn't works....

Please... I beg of you....TT-TT

Ok what installer is it. Are you trying to install VB6.0? You can get visual studio express edition for free. Why not install that.

What programming language are familiar with?

By the way, welcome to daniweb.


Actually, I'm using the packing & distribution Wizard to do the installer...

And I don't know why is making this trouble.....

can you help me please ???

Well what trouble is it your getting. You got to gives more information, ot get more help. Do you get any error message and anything which isn't right there?


Glad to have you here! Please post your question in the appropriate section of this forum.