I would just like to say hello and hi as I've just joined.

Not sure if I'm at the right place as it looks and sounds like you are all professionals in the trade so too speak but hey ho.

Well a little about little old me.

I'm 43 married and live in a small village/town near Lanark in Scotland. I currently work in Edinburgh and am currently the IT Rep for my department.

Prior to this I served in the Army for 22 years the last 6 of which I was a systems administrator. I gained alot of experience but no qualifications and found it impossible to find employment within the iT industry so am now embarking on changing that and as of last year have just started my MCSE plus A+ and S+.

Socially I enjoy my local but also have two dogs which stops me sitting about the house all day. Like everyone else I have an interest in IT but especially enjoy to cook.

Other hobbies include photography and picture framing (not that I've done alot of that lately). Music wise.......well just about anything really. If I like it I'll listen to it.

I think thats about it so look forward to sharing any knowledge I have but also looking forward to picking your brains!



Hi Gordon,
Thanks for the detailed intro.
Welcome, by the way!

We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Thanks for your warm welcome and sorry for the delay in acknowledging your replies to my Welcome Thread.