I'm not a geek or computor nerd. I'm just a redneck with a computor. About the only thing tekkey iv'e ever done was booting people off yahoo messenger when I got my 1st desktop back in 2001.I sort of got addictive to booting,and was getting these boot programs.There is a cult of people who boot,and make programs to boot for yahoo messy.I havent done any bad things with a computor sice 2004,so you can say I'm reformed. I love surfing the web for news and information.It may sound strange but I enjoy going to radical crackpot websites to see how crazy people think. I also like going to home improvement messaqge boards for help on my many projects that I do.The internet has expanded my mind and enabled me to do things I could have never done before.If I have a question,I search it and find information and solutions.I wanted to make cherry pie for 4th of July.Guess where I got the pie crust information?

Welcome! I really like it here, and I am sure you will too!!

Welcome to Daniweb...hope to see you around...

Hope you'll enjoy it here!