Attention guru's!

I build sites with XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and tend to re-use code from previous sites I've built to speed things up.

However, I wonder what tools or trickery you folks use to speed up the process. I'm convinced its the forms in my CMS that slow my production / efficiency down.

Like, I tend to build sites, using one db connection file, two includes(header / footer), take content from the db, use one CSS file, one area for images etc.
But I'm sure I could be doing things a lot quicker.

Also I'm on the look-out for any examples of PHP OOP.
I seem to be creating forms and the validation all the time, when I'm sure I could just re-use 'classes'.

And ways to make my code more 'modular' so I can move it across and re-use it on another site without making too many changes.

Your advice will doubtless be invaluable.

Any help would be fab!

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Really wouldn't mind some tips from the pro's here. Ways you speed up the web site build process. Techniques or maybe even online tools. Anything :) Thank you.

check out dbQwikSite. Commercial PHP code generator for databases. Speeds up development a lot.

FYI, we are the makers of this product.

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im not an expert but I know dreamweaver has snippets that allow you to store sections of code and use that code across different sites