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I am having HUGE issues with my online experiences. There are certain websites that one week I can access and the next week.....blocked. Nothing illegal or pornographic at all. In fact, I had a great game site that I accessed all the time (pogo.com) and suddenly.....cant get there. This has happened sporadically with other websites such as AOL.com and others. PLEASE....Ive tried spyware removal and virus scanners. They all come back with the same....no virus detcted. Im at my wits end. I know about proxy....but theyre not totally effective. Does anyone have any ideas?? I would appreciate ANY help!


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Have u resolved your problem yet? If not, try cleaning all cookies out of your computer.

I ran into this situation last year with a client. It may not be relevant in your particular situation, but it's worth a shot.

Are you using a wireless router? If you are, and it's not secured, your neighbors might be using your connection without your knowledge. If they are using any kind of file-sharing services, they might be soaking up most of your available bandwidth. This is what happened with my client. They ran a business from home, but couldn't even access their own website, though stuff like Google would load (though slowly). I checked and there were 3 neighbors connected to their router. I severed their connection and disabled the wireless feature (since their only computer was hard-wired to it). Voila! Service was restored and was running smoothly again.

Check to see that the wireless signal is secured with either WEP (weaker) or WPA (stronger). If you got it from AT&T, it's probably a 2Wire, which is secure by default (WEP). If it's store-bought like a Linksys or Netgear, the security has to be set up manually. Change the SSID to distinguish it from anyone else's that might be nearby. Set the broadcast channel to either 1, 6, or 11 (default is usually 6, sometimes 11, depending on brand). Set up a WPA-PSK (also known as WPA-Personal) with TKIP.

You can access this by opening your browser and typing in your router's IP address. Go to Start -> Run and type "cmd" and press enter. Type "ipconfig" into the box that pops up and hit enter. Note the "Default Gateway" address. That's what you need.

Your username and password for the router are probably default, unless you changed them. Your manual (or a pdf version of it on the manufacturer's website) should be able to help you there. From there, look for the wireless settings. Basic settings should let you change the SSID and broadcast channel. Wireless security should let you set up the WPA passcode.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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