I am Ashley, have just joined daniweb a week ago and find it very exciting to see so many people all around the wolrd sharing information.

I run a small IT business in the Fiji in the Pacific Islands. Infact I invested in this business approximately 4 years ago with a friend who was a software developer. My friend called it quits due to financial hardship whereas I stayed since I am the major investor. I myself really do not have any software development or Tech support knowledge & skills as such.

I am 43 yrs of age guy, married to a kind hearted lady with 2 beautiful children, girls 5 & 9.

Right now I am focusing all my energy to make my small IT business a success. I need volunteers around the globe to assist me with ideas as to how to keep this business running.

Please help, help, help.

Hey, I visited Fiji back when Cyclone Muni blew in (around 1984) - Stayed in Suva where the soccer fields were flooded chest deep; flew to the other side of the island and stayed at the Sea shell resort -- good times, goodtimes.