Couldn't be certain without actually counting to make sure.

Is the letter "Y" really a crooked letter that can't be straightened?

its more like a fork in the road

are blue roses really impossible to grow?

I have blue roses made of Japanese paper..

Do you attend school?

only on occasion

do trees breath?

Not in the "animated" life-form know it.

Does the apple fall far from the tree?

the apple fall down then being kick by a bird :twisted:

do trees sing?

Can't say I've ever heard the top 40 playing in the background walking through the local plantation.

Can you twist your tongue?

I can twist paper

do you love teaching?

I'm not a teacher. I am an IT professional!

Do you love school?

I've already passed school...

can u say Yes in some different way??

Anything's possible.

Are you human?

i AM Human... or does it seem like this only..??? :D

Like computer games??

I prefer mind-games

Do you want to play? :twisted:

good idea... let's play.. what do you wish to play... am good at Tic-Tac-Toe :D??

one word for accepting something?

Im too stupid to reply to that :-/ so I'll reply to the previous post:
Mind games are on like Donkey Kong?

Wait, did that make sense?

I am finding it difficult to follow...hmmm...

have you ever tasted masala tea?

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Last time I went to Bangalore,I did...:P

Is it presently possible for humans to live on mars? :P

Well, the heat would consume them. B)

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

do you like nature?

Nature can make us feel free. I can't imagine living without nature.

Are you alone?

I have touched my nose with my tongue before.

Are you alive?

Im always with myself.

Are you afraid to die??

Life is Sweet!

Do you appreciate your life?

Life is precious

Do you like to drive?

I like to drive. I may be fourteen, but I have driven a Mercedes A-Class on a test course and a Mercedes 4x4 on a specialised off-road course. 'Twas very enjoyable.

Do you listen to music alot?

Listening to Music Sucks!

Do you like to read?

I like to read sometimes in the evenings.

Lol the Loudtype . I like to preserve my eadrums

Ever heard of Bingo Class Music?

No I haven't, and though I like heavy metal, I preserve my eardrums also :)
Do you have one especially best friend?

ah yes I do , Unluckily he doesn't have reducers on him!

Why do you ask?