Depending on your tastes, steak can be liked by some or hated by others, but in generally, I don't mind.

Do you believe in God?


I find that a lot of CS majors don't. As for myself, I do.
I had a Romanian professor. Is Romania a good place to study if you're majoring in Computer Science?


It is. Despite the rumors, it's quite a 'healthy' place to study, with good teachers, and it has a small fee for those who are paying for their University (well, you heard me rite, if you're that good, our state will pay for your education, and offering some money for your 'pleasures' as well.), around 1000$ per year.

Was that Romanian teacher a good teacher, or a bad one?


ou ... but maybe you didn't mean symmetrically opposite.

Is this a trick question?


@lucianandrew: Sorry for the long-delayed response. Yeah, he is an awesome professor, though I haven't had him in any classes for some time now.

@Forbidden Yes No game: The trickiness of the question is in direct proportion to the airspeed of an unladen swallow.
Is it an African swallow in stead of a European swallow?


I play arnis, a Filipino Martial Art.

Do you know how to swim?

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i can't swim. Will you teach me?
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