Some of you may have heard about Prize Rebel, or sites like it, but most of you I am sure haven't. So let me explain what it does and how it works. Prize Rebel has offers for you to complete. These include things like just signing up for some sites, and filling out surveys. Most of these are 100% free. You accumulate points by doing these offers, and these points you redeem for prizes. Each point counts equals one US dollar. They have many prizes related to video games, but if they don't have a prize you want you can put in a custom order and get basically anything off of Ebay. This site totally works and I have already gotten another Xbox 360 controller from it. I am currently working toward getting to Ninja Gaiden Two, which is 55 points. Also you can get auto form fillers like Roboform or Fireform so you can enter the information in quick.

I just wanted to let you guys know about this awesome service. If you are bored online you can do it to kill time and get free stuff. If you want to sign up I would hope you guys will use my referral.


Has anyone else used this site, and what are your thoughts on it? If this wasn't the right forum to post this in please tell me.

This isn't a marketing forum for you.