If Chrome makes it's competition improve their product, it has succeeded!

"Chrome Not All That Shiny"

Yes, but being an open source project and with the resources that Google has, I'm sure it won't take long before it is. I think though that many people feel like I do in that there is no room for a company like Google in the browser market. I can use Firefox knowing that I don't have spyware and lame tool-bars from the get-go. With Google, who knows, the biggest chunk of their business is in marketing and people get enough of that as it is.

Look, its a great project with a lot of new ideas, but its just the wrong company. Maybe they will get a lot of ignoramuses using it, but the people that are tired of backing up data and cleaning and reformatting and all the other bull$%^& they have to go through to keep a system healthy will probably stay clear.

Im among the people that actually like it.I didnt have any problems with Chrome yet, so theres no need for me not to like it. However I still prefer and would still recomend FF. with all respect to Google's Chrome. :)

I havent tried it and i dont think i will. I use FF and have for a long time. There is nothing i dont like about FF so why even try something that just got released as beta and F up my computer. Im sure, though, at some point chrome my be worth taking a look at (maybe).

Wow i just realized i never really contributed anything to this thread at all. hmmmmm, what can i say. ..............................

I like privacy and do not want google knowing absolutely everything about me. There thats works.

For those of you with FF running "NoScript" - have you noticed "googlesyndication" and "google-analytics" - I have them marked as untrusted cuz - I don't trust them, especially since they bought doubleclick. I think I might be harping on doubleclick a lot but I hate them.

it has a lot of bugs, still. Google say that it has been tested on "major sites" but major sites like Facebook still have a lot of problems with it. (you cant click on the "logout". Something that happens with IE7 in Vista, too.). I tested it for a few days and gave up. Flash sites take a zillion years to load :(

But it has a few improvements, definitely. I hope Firefox learns a few tricks from them

Finally because of the fan fare I decided to give Chrome a go today. . . . . AND HELL I was disappointed, Flash took ages to load, sites like Orkut and Facebook wouldn't behave properly, no way to organize your favourites ... At least I couldn't find any, heck I guess Firefox and IE don't have too much to worry about (from chrome) for some time to come !!!