Hi all,

Lately, I too have been GOOGLE ADSENSE Victim.
'Victim' ?, Yes now I have to use that word. But before going further ahead. Lets give you some background on my Google Adsense Experience.

I had an entertianment portal, (site cannot list. as per regulation) started on free webserver, did some marketing to draw ppl to tht website, publishing here and there..., drawing ppls attention

With 10 MB space, 300 MB bandwidth per month and Google Adsense new registration approval. I started with full hustle and bustle.

Got 100 Impressions on the 5th day itself, then 1000/day on 7th day, 2000/day in 9th, and 5000/day in just 11th Day..., wow... my marketing strategies was working fine... soon I left Freeserver, got own DOT COM, 500 MB space, unlimited bandwith. Wow... seemed like some movie and I was the hero conquering the web and dancing along with Google Adsense.
The earning was rising pretty fast(ard $5XX/mo), WITHOUT VOILATING ANY OF GOOGLE RULES.

I used to check Adsense Webnairs to optimize adsense to some extent. Frequently used to test other ad. networks and used to provide feedback on those network, and always believed UNLESS YOU DO SOME WORNG Google works best with you.

As in movies, once everything seems nice and you think 'And they lived happily everafter'... bammm... there enters the villian...
My earning was reaching ard. $1XXX/mo.. and was eagerly expecting that but SUNDENNLY Google send me email - 'WE FOUND INVALID CLICKS, generated by sw or by other means..., SO ACCOUNT DEACTIVATED'.

I was getting ard. 40-50 thousand impressions per day with ard. 300-400 clicks/day. The funny thing is I had never clicked on my website ads. But they said WE ARE SORRY, PAYMENT CANNOT BE SENT AND WE CANNOT DISCLOSE ANY INFORMATION REGARDING INVALID CLICKS.

Wow..., I lost 1.5 grand just 2 days before I was about to get payment, and I dont even get reason why I lost. They just said Invalid clicks. I became one another of the victim google adsense.

So how can you be VICTIM OF INVALID CLICKS ?

- If you click on your website google ads FROM YOUR PC (same PC, which you use to login into Adsense Account).

+ what if you own a cyber cafe or login to your adsense account from a cyber cafe. Soemtime later someone else visit your website from same cafe and clicks on your AD.

+ what if you have more than one pc but use Proxy/maybe your ISP use it, all REQUESTS passing thro' that proxy gets SAME IP.

- If someone (this someone might be your competitor, or someone who hates you and wants ur biz to go down) frequently clicks on your website adsense ads for ard. 5 - 10 times a day for ard. 5 - 6 days regularly.

- Fake email, someone (as before who hates you) might forward an email to ADSENSE VOILATION TEAM that might look like it is from your website pursuading to CLICK ON YOUR WEBSITE ADS.

[e.g. the mail might contian text like this;
Click on my website (mno.ABC.xyz) google ads to get more DISCOUNT or more free stuffs, maybe even 'hot pcis of britney'....]

So even thoguh google adsense seems better than other competing adnetworks (expect yahoo which not yet reviewd) its reliability of PAYMENT is on HIGH STAKES.
You might get kicked out of Adsense membership even without your knowledge.

Now the major question,

WHY hasnt Google Adsense implemented counter measure for such frauds?

Would it been easy for both Google and you, if google deduces Invalid clicks then he/she simply DISCARD such clicks?
Bcoz as Google say there had been invalid ad clicks, that mean they have done some some analysis already and ahve categorized some of the clicks as invalid. Then would tht have been so difficult to simply discard such ads?

As a normal Layman can say No. It would definately has been possible, it would ahve been possible even before those 'complicated deductions' that google says patented algorithms.
If a visitor clicks on the google ad and if google has record tht there had been click from SAME IP before within last 24 hr then simply discard tht click.

How can YOU EVEN be sure that YOU have been victimized by others due to INVALID CLICKS ?
Do you have any proof like google?


The answer to this question gives rise to my FINAL VITIMIZATION CASE. Which might be case for most of high-earning publishers.

How can you believe totaly upon Google Adsense's INVALID CLICK STORY, that too WITHOUT ANY PROOF?

From web-log cross checking you can just know from where(or which IP) ppl visitied your website but cant know WHOM OF THEM CLICKED on google ads and who not.
And once portal grows and becomes popular definately you will have high number of FREQUENT VISITORs.
How can you be sure those frequent visitors are the frequent AD clickers?

So, is Google turning into money-making machine ?
How can we rely on them as GOOD GUYS, when they kicks us out without paying our earnings ($$$$) and NO justification ?
Are outsourcing guys turning into microsoft-strategic-marketing nerds?

So as any suspense thriller, I NEVER KNEW who was the villian?
So beware, before entering into this Adsense game, think twice.

T h i r d E y e

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Dang, that sounds bad. I am going to start using AdSense as part of my business. Thanks for the heads up, reminds me of the time when Paypal screwed me over for a few grand because they decided to freeze my account due to all the fraudulent orders coming in. Long story short, I got the bad side of the deal in the end.

That sucks, sorry to hear it, you should call a lawyer lol.

Good luck with Google they are famous for this kind of thing , you work your ass for to rank and then you get a little traffic.

You start to make a little money and bam your ads are switched to some low paying amount , I too was making good money not tons but then bam my ads where suddenly worth nothing.

I will give a small example the word structured settlement goes for as much as 50.00 buck per click but if you rank for it you will soon find out how fast the ads change to where you are making .70 per click sounds like alot you figure it out.

You go from 2.00 per click to about .20 in day they switch you that fast 1 day ?

hey i dont mind they make the lions share but I mean the y advertisers pay what 25.00 per click and you get .20 maybe .

When you are robbing both the advertisers and the publishers something is going to go wrong sooner or later , MSN is comming out with their version of ad sence lets see how long until that goes south as well.

Look the porn guys live on webmasters ranking them and always seem to pay , but Google wants not some or half they want it all .

Also remember running ad sence give them in bound links tons and tons of them for free while they pay less then pennies on the dollar ,

www.google.com 143,087,559 thats their in bound links from all of us running their stuff nice huh ?

here is Yahoo www.Yahoo.com 96,917,037

here is msn www.Microsoft.com 50,544,498

there is method behind the maddness

What about the senario that a rivel clicks your google ad on purpose again and again just to mess you up... google never thinks about that!

I too was a Google Adsense victim, as a matter of fact Google kicked me out today for "invalid clicks". I dont understand, I never clicked on my own ads. :sad:

Wow this is really sad to read, I hope you guys can do something about it, but with how powerful Google is, sometimes it may seem hopeless. Best of luck.

good thing i read this i just signed up for it

The exact same thing happened to me, as the original poster, however I was earning about $200 a month for MONTHS... then I got the SAME boiler-plate email that the above poster mentioned. i tried several times to appeal and they just won't listen. I signed up under another name and they shut me down again after a few months they caught on... again they kept my money.

I am not looking for alternatives to adwords.

you people can try Widgetbucks , its pays more :)

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