World Community Grid is similar to Folding@Home. I have created a new DaniWeb team account that everyone is welcome to join. You can have both Folding@Home and World Community Grid running on the same computer. I started this new account because I was disassitified with the software available at Folding@Home. I got a new 4-core computer and Folding didn't have software that can take advantage of all those processors. The software I downloaded from World worked right away with all 4 processors.

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I already have my AIDS badge and my Human Proteome Folding 2 badge - working on my Rice and Dengue Fever badges

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ya i think i got it now the project you have to select is world comunity grid. I didnt know this software was used for different projects.


BOINC has about 15 or 20 projects as you noticed. Currently I am running WorldGrid, Malariacontrol,Rosetta@home,SpinHenge,UFluids and on my desktop I have Malariacontrol, WorldGrid,Climate, and Einstein@home.

I waste a lot of power because I feel guilty if I don't have something running and I really want another badge. Maybe I should run out and buy a bigger cpu. This is one is dual, the desktop is single - I suppose I should get a job so I can afford another, 4 or 8-plex machine. I really want my next WorldGrid badge.

A geek I remane.

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