Background. Internet is presented at now with single centers and local networks being like nervous systems of diffuse (as hydra's), nodal (as worm's) and diffuse-nodal (as medusa's) structures, i.e. like nervous systems of animals having no brains. It means the humankind, that social mega-organism, is existing having no likeness of social mega-brain. So, to create all-planetary intellectual web resource (APIWR), as a prototype of the future global brain of humankind, is imperatively arising task to be fulfiled as that to cope with huge masse of not decided global level problems. See <a href="">civilization security considerations</a> for creation of APIWR.
Sorry, the task is out of view <a href="">Principia Cybernetica Project</a> group, a strong team, the most of which believe that the global brain has realized already or is realizing in form of Internet.

The proposal. DaniWeb IT Discussion Community, having gathered the wide group of qualified specialists in area of ITs, might initiate and accelerate that inevitable process of intellectual integration with help of both Internet and information technologies. I mean to proceed to the first step of the process, i.e. to the creation of <B>a DaniWeb Intellectual Resource Register (DWIRR)</B>.

To get acting DWIRR should unite around itself a group of widely thinking IT specialists being able to elaborate concept of Register, to work out general valuation criteria which web resources are intellectual, gather group of experts on intellectual technologies (having big area of intersection with ITs), create program provision for on-line registration, to plan Register's widening and meliorating, etc.

There are 2 possibilities how to replenish the Register. First (maybe in the beginning only), to use self-evaluations of web resource owners/authors as criteria of their resources' intelligence; second, to select intel-resources by forces of own experts from the very beginning to have full right to consider the Register finding under name DaniWeb and acting after high level of selection. I thing the second is more preferable if we take into consideration the next Register service being desirable, to declare on awarding with the diploma certificating that a web resource "is recorded by DaniWeb IT Discussion Community as intellectual one and included in the DaniWeb Intellectual Resource Register". Of course, to have diverse Register services -- for example, taking stocks of registered resources' ratings, including the resources into the detailed searching system after selected folders, etc. -- means to make DaniWeb portal more prestige discussion club, and to turn the very DaniWeb Register into useful and attractive tool providing inter-intelresource interactions and opening the way for productive cooperation with other virtual and real structures.

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