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Its pretty much what it says it is, IT Discussion Community for Developers & Technology Enthusiasts. :icon_neutral: If you have a problem, somebody can help you, or you can decide to help people. But there are a lot of forums here, so its hard to sum it all up into "for what is this site".

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If you take good points from this site to solve your problem,you can be more smart in your programming..may be that will give you the chances in your life as a good programmer...
so browse daniweb to get smarter...
I really enjoyed and got good tips,solutions here...
So keep a head..
and be a smart programmer...


Darn, now we are have to hide it again - it was so nice to be able to just leave it over there and grab it when necessary.

I once had a Captain Midnight Codograph.


Those were shown to cause reproductive harm if worn longer than a day.

Did it depend on where you wore it?

I particularly liked Fury Shark; she was hot (er, well, in my head she was hot).


Did it depend on where you wore it?

hehe! Yes, I imagine the effects would vary depending upon where it was worn.

Worn on the fingers: Forget it, you weren't getting any. No chance of reproduction.

Worn... elsewhere: Could cause difficulties, but some people really get into that kind of thing!

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