The last report I have is that the airspace over the Bolivar peninsula and the west end has been interdicted. Has help arrived in Galveston? Here is a Houston news report.

Should we start looking for black helicopters? What about the rumors of Bio-labs in the area? There was not problem showing Katrina - why not Ike?

Here is a report from NPR last night. Things to not look good for them.

Here are before and after pics from USGS. They even show what survived. The peninsula looks almost scrubbed clean.

Okay, okay - some liberals survived also. Don't dig around to deeply (heh,heh).

Thanks Dave - who would have thought pollution could actually be beautiful!!

I think Ike should have snowed itself out of existence near the North Pole by now, giving Santa some much needed white fluff.

From the scale - these pics show the scouring was at least 12 klicks in - lucky it missed Galveston proper and Houston.

This one survived the floods:

Well, looks like the missing post-Ike is as high as 450 and as few as 266