You get Dr. Dre.

I put in Ed Lover.

You get a super EA.

I put in a fish.

You get Leo Decaprio.

I put in Dani.

You get Daniweb.

I put in Fantastic Four.

You get the lucky 7.

I put in a fool.

Put it here & u get a genius

I put in IBM.

You get Intel.

I pu in AMD.

You get world's fastest processors.

I put in Microsoft.

You get monopoly.

I put in a jail.

You get a Bold Eagle.

I put in a troll.

You get a trolly?He he he

I put in FIFA world cup-2006

You get the BEST football player :cool: RONALDINHO ..

I put in anupam .. :rolleyes:


May be....
You get anupam_smart

I put in Sulley's Boo.

You get shotgun.

I put in explasive.

You get an explosion.

I put in a swordfish.

You get your finger cut by the sword of the swordfish.

I put in Eurotrip.

You get FWC.

I put in tirp to Brasil.

You get football fever.

I put in water crisis.

You get ice

I put in a chinchilla

You get chillachin

I put in the "or" game

You get an oar

I put in a 3.6 Ghz Intel CPU

You have one of the best PC-processors.

I put in nVIDIA GeForce Fx-7900

you get a good graphics card,

i put in an ISA extender from a 486

You get a better thought out motherboard

I put in a Book on Php Code

You get stuff to be recycled

I put in my cell phone

Your get a rock

I put in a dog

You get man's best friend.

I put in a cat.