With The New Software To Prevent Piracy It Is Taking A Machine Fingerprint Whe Acticating The Programs I Have One Program From Scan Soft Asking Me For The Machine Fingerprint Does Anyone Know Where It Is On The Computer.my Operating System Is Xp Pro

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A machine fingerprint isnt a thing, its details about what hardware you have

when you install windows, product activation uses one. It sends a code generated from what motherboard, cpu etc.... you have and sends it away. If it finds that you have windows on more than a certain amount of different hardware, your product key gets banned and you have to ring up

The machine fingerprint is nowhere to be found on the PC. if you are installing a scansoft program thats asking for one you either have a hack software or the software is bad. the software should generate this fingerprint base on certain hardware parameters. Such as CPU, Moboard and operating system installed. then when you are pass that screen it will tell you the fingerprint and probable the option to print or save the file.

Have you tried right clicking the My Computer button but you might find some long alpha numeric code which could be it, but then again I am not entirely sure if i am right cos at this time i cannot check from work as i use win 2000. I can see a unique code on this PC but that could be something assigned by our networks team.

Have a poke around and see what you can find.


Okay I Fixed The Problem When Installing The Software I Put The Product Code In Wrong , However It Let Me Install It And Use It A Couple Of Times.
When I Went To Activate Automatically It Was Asking For A Differnt Procuct Code. When I Went To Manually Activate It It Wanted A Product Code And Machine Finger Print, Correcting The Product Code Fixed The Problem. Just To Let Everyone Know The New Dragon Natuarlly Speaking Program Is Excellant. Takes Time To Train It But It Works Wonderfully.

it should show up when the machine asks for it. I found opening the program again got the machine fingerprint.

HOWEVER, I find the nuance policy of not allowing me to carry one copy of PDF converter on my laptop, and one on my home PC is a rip... I have to buy two copies, which is RIPOFF, and misleading. I am a student, and do research, and so need two copies, which most other software companies have allowed me.

Also, I have found that dragonspeak preferred does not work well at all at 1.7 gig processor 1.0 gig memory -- it locks up every time I go to spell mode by saying "spell mode on". It will not get out by command, and will process and process and process, 100% processor time, for several minutes, and then come back and say it has too much to process, after which the program is hosed -- have to exit and restart it. Just got the "wonderful" Andrea 181VM USB, installed the whole mess, and here is the result.

try getting tech support online, just loops through screens of icons. phone message machine is full,

I VOTE NUANCE SOFTWARE AS TOO GREEDY -- this life is about humans, and when one has made enough money, and more than enough, obtaining more is a public display of greed. What is the extra money for? not for the good of mankind, just for the owners to get richer. It makes me think of the rich man's house in the middle of the Somalian desert. rich, but nowhere, no society, worried about enemies, etc. etc.

disgusted and discouraged student

I don't know about Nuance's greed or such stuff, but I agree that the support for Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 is the worst that I have seen, and I have every version of the program since version 5. Trying to get support, even to ask a simple question for installation, loops you around an endless amount of junk. It talks of telephone support, and doesn't give you a phone number! Come on Nuance, you can do much better!

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