A very interesting read...

However i think Its hard to go back to the way we thought BEFORE 9/11 because we now know what can happen and many of us ARE SCARED of not knowing!! (I am one of them)

I love my country alot and am always worried about what could happen next!

Interesting read? Well, yes if you want to see a well-polished list of errors in logic and/or reasoning (look here). Do you think you could find anyone who would write such a paean to Bush within the last 2 years? We all love our country! I love my country and am very optimistic about our country's future. We have lived in fear for the last 5 years, it is time to work together for a brighter future.

Yes i believe you my friend :)

Check out the date, Dude: August 06, 2004. Nobody writes stuff like that now (well I guess some people still do). It was during the Bush v. Kerry 2004 campaign, when you could get away with it. Too much has come to light since then.

Dude, its much safer now than it was in the cold war, just be greteful for that.