I just installed Redhat Linux 9 to play around with it. It booted into the command prompt. How do I make it so that it boots into the GUI, and then on every other boot, boots into the GUI as well (so it temporarily permanantly boots into the GUI).

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nevermind about that post. i found the command (startx). but whenever i type it in it types out this HUGE error message and doesnt boot up the gui.

suggestions, solutions?

I think to automatically boot into GUI mode, you must set the runlevel to 5. Edit the /etc/inittab file, and you should find a section in the file that describes this.

Also, you may have not installed the right software. You need the X Windowing enviroment, and you might also want KDE Desktop or Gnome. Lack of X will result in no GUI.

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i have it all figured out... i just selected the wrong video card during installation! i went to redhat and found a fix! now i can boot up into GNOME (which i did install). thanks for your help though.

if u get the wrong videocard driver or wierd error ever use vi to edit your xf86config or xorg.conf files to select vesa driver

how to edit in side of folder, then how to coppy one folder to another one folder in linux cmd mode

cd changes directory


cd /mnt/

If you do this

cd ..

You will go "up" one ditrectory.

Use cp to copy things from one directory to another. mv works like cut.


cp /mnt/cdrom/smb.new /etc/samba/smb.conf
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