I may be late, but a work colleague showed me it this morning and I thought I should share with the people on here. Do watch the video at the top of the page if you can, and look at the progress one year after (at the bottom) as well.


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Yeah ive seen that before

Its a good idea i suppose. Transformers and stuff are run in mineral oil. Problem though, is its not really suitable for home pcs due to the fact that the oil decays rubber


Problem though, is its not really suitable for home pcs due to the fact that the oil decays rubber

Or not?

From the website:

Won't the mineral oil eat away at the rubber, making capacitors blow or components fall apart?

Answer: We've seen many variations on this question. Some people say the motherboard will fall apart, others that the acrylic tank will dissolve away to nothing! In reality, we have seen absolutely zero effect. All components are perfectly intact, and the system remains rock solid. The only impact we have seen is on adhesives -- the label stickers on the memory came off, and the adhesive backing on the weather stripping became useless. However, it seems somewhat selective. The label stickers on the video card and motherboard are just fine. But to answer the cries of doom and gloom -- we've seen no indications yet. All the rubber seals are intact, and the capacitors are completely unaffected. It seems as if we'll be able to run this system for quite some time, if not indefinitely.


Well they made oil-can delays with mineral oil, capacitors, rubber, etc. decades ago, and I believe they still work fine.


The early Gray Computers were cooled with flourinated hydrocarbon liquid. My problem would be the mess it makes when it leaks.

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