(I posted this in the "Geeks Lounge" but didn't get any responses - maybe there'll be better luck here?)

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone one could point me to (if they exist) some places to nominate people for enormous contributions to open source and open source philosophy? There are a few people that I have seen almost single handedly maintaining some enormous projects and I'd like to give them something more than my personal "good job" email!

I found Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards, but that was about all I could come up with. Are there others?



i'v never herd of any but you might try general programming excellence awards? things like best project at a tech exhibit or a company run tech fair or something. tho i guess most of those kind of things are self entry.

I wouldn't be to worried about it if a open source writer wanted something more than what open source offer's (namely room to play, admiration and ability to leave resources for others to use and learn from etc) they would write for competitions or something. I'm trying to say I'm trying to say i think those personal thank you emails may mean more than you think to most writers.

(tho i wish you good luck getting more acclaim for the writers you feel deserve it)

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