Hi There All,
I have been stuck in the dark ages, nursing my old PC with Windows 98SE along until I could afford to make the change. Finally decided that I had enough Motorcycles and bought an iMac. So far I am quite impressed, but I'm still a long way off from knowing it nearly as well as I knew my old PC. I'm lookin' for a program comparable to Microsoft Word and trying to get my HP 2500 All in one Printer to work. The printer will print whatever I need it to, but I am having no luck scanning images. I downloaded the driver from the HP site and have the HP image Zone logo on my tool bar (is that what it's called in applespeak?) But I'll get into all this in the proper forum, shall I.
Nice to be here, hoping to get some help and get to know this Apple much better, I'm not overly patient for this kind of thing, I'd rather be riding or wrenching on an ugly old motorcycle, but with a bit of help I'm sure I can master this too, considering I knew absolutely nothing about PC's when I started 9 years ago. Hell I knew nothing about motorcycles when I started tearing them apart over 30 years ago either, but when you own a Triumph, you'd better learn, and that's how that all started. Now I've got 7 bikes of all different makes, much to the dismay of my new bride.
Thanks for havin' me. Jim.

Wow, now that's what I call performance.
Thank you JBennet I checked it out and downloaded NeoOffice and tried it out and it works great, so that's one item off my list. I'm gonna go donate some money to that site , cool...
Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Yeah its based on OpenOffice, an opensource project, but its been altered to make it more suitable for use with the mac

Its quite a goodpiece of kit. The conversion isnt 100% but it can open nearly all word/powerpoint/excel documents.

Not too sure about your printer problem though. I could move this to the Mac or Peripherals board if you wanted, it may get some more attention there.

Hi there,
I've already posted my printer problem on the Mac forum, but thanks for the offer. I appreciate the help, as this is all new to me. I tried the NeoOffice last night and it worked fine, a few bugs are tolerable now and again, especially after the nightmare of Windows....
Nuff said, Thank you .

You can get MS Office for mac, but of course, that costs.

Welcome to the forum.

I'm sure that someone will post back to your driver problem thread.

I love macs, but being young, i can't afford one, in a few years, i'm hoping on getting a Macbook Pro.



The whole idea of getting a Mac was to get away from MicroSoft and Windows and the PC game. They got my money and anguish for long enough. I think that running any MS program on a Mac is just piggy backing onto your Mac as the MS software is made for the Windows environment not really the Mac environment even though they may actually run fine. I'm ready to try something new, I've screwed around with MS and windows wasting my time long enough. Who knows I may change my mind later on. I've got an IT friend who absolutely loves Vista... but he's an IT. Thanks for the idea though. Get a Mac, I love mine so far.