Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am Bob Everett, old geek, presently in Santa Fe New Mexico USA, doing digital images.

Presently my only claim to fame is that I'm quite good at doing digital images in Adobe CS, and am a competent photographer. I take my basic image components on medium format film, scan into a Mac computer, and then mess around with them until I'm wither happy or unhappy. Most of my images are composites. See attached sample.

My purpose in joining Daniweb is to seek help in a new project. I want to expand into math/sci imaging, and perform mathematical transformations on images. For example, I might want to transform a rectangular coordinate file into parabolic coordinates.

At the moment the only application I can find that might do this is NASA VisualWorkBench, written in C++. In which case I would probably need help in setting up the library, and getting advice on texts to learn enough C++ to work the app. While I have a long ago and far away background in programming, that was in things like Basic and Fortran.

I would welcome suggestions on ways to do my new project that would not require me to spend the rest of my life at it.

Regards, and best wishes for the New Year to all.

Bob Everett



like the pic

Dear Jbennet:

Thanks! I hope that someody out there will be able to solve my problems.


Bob Everett