I have been on Over 13 years easily......

Started on a 300 baud modem using a commodore 64 (Which i still use and love)

I remember a few years ago being on vacation and being stuck @ 28800 baud and it didnt seem to slow for what it was!! (I was used to 2400 baud for the longest time in the 80s which wasnt that bad))

First time was 95/96 . I was born in 1990.

My first time online was connecting to a CRAY supercomputer located in CO. I was working for NOAA (1984-87) and managed to find a game of trek (I knew the geeks had one on it - it just took a lot of snooping to find it). It was funnier than hell - I was working on a state-of-the-art computer that was so fast that they timed it by the length of the wires through the core... and when a mistake was made, it returned "bad card". Someone had not bothered to upgrade the system messages, heh, heh.

I remember my first c-64, for some reason - I sold mine when I bought an Amiga 1000.

I believe my first time online was around 94/95 (somewhere around there). Didn't really start getting into it until 98, though and didn't start into website development until 99.

I also started with a C-64 and local bulletin boards, somewhere in the mid-to-early 80s.

1993 - Compuserve on my homebuilt 286.

About 1984, just before I retired from military, on their computer and their network.