Hi to every member hope all is going well.
Well, I studied computer repair and networking in a skill center for 3 years back in 1998 to 2001, and I managed to get an MCSE certificate from Microsoft. But I never got a job in these technology, currently I do architectural drafting, but it is slow right now due to the bad economy.

Any way I have a computer with an Intel Board "D850GB" (R) 4 cpu, 1.70 GHz, 1 Gig Rambus Memory, Win 2000 Advance Server operating system, on board networking, but I also have a Linksys networking card.

The problem: The system asks for drivers for: Network Controller, PCI Simple Communication Controller, and Ethernet Controller. So I'm going to see if I can find some drivers in this site, if you have some suggestions they are quite welcome. Thanks.

hi juangel,
just disable onboard network card by and select mycomputer and rightclick on mycomputer, select porperties and click on hardware tab, select device manager and rightclick on borard network card device from the list of network controllers and select the disable option and save it if you installed linksys network go to linksys site you can find drivers for the particular card


Hi Vinuu,

Thanks for your help but I got it working now.

What I did I took out the networking cards that I had in the computer, there were two a wireless and cable one and left just the unboard networking.

Device manager kept saying that the onboard networking was working fine, but it still didn't connect, so I check my cable which is connected to a router and I unplugged and plugged and just mess with it, and sometimes their would be some activity. So I changed the router and put a hub and it started to network and was working fine. "The yellow Network Controller question mark disappeared".

But the following day when I turn on the computer their was no network activity it stopped working, so I was thinking what happen and what could be the problem. So I went to Device Manager and it said that the networking device was working fine. So I decided to restart my computer and this time it was working fine.

I conclude that for some reason the networking services didn't start up when I started my computer. If it does it again I'll just reboot. Until I get to the bottom of why the networking services don't start.