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Bright Side Of The Road - Van Morrison from "The Best Of Van Morrison"

Van is still the man!

Mostly the constant ringing in my ears (sucks getting old). I listen to everything buy country and rap. I keep returning to Ray Lynch.

Im browsing there and listening Company Flow and other raw hiphop :)

Trying to escape from UK 'Diamond Jubilee' madness by listening to God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols in order to regain some sanity.

I sympathize. Even over here in Canada I'm finding it just a little overdone. I can't imagine the 24x7 coverage you are getting there.

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Hah! My stomach has been turning for days now. Bunting sticking in my throat. Those gits seem to be putting it up as soon as I can burn it. :( I'm trying to pretend that it's Bastille Day, but that wretched 3 cross flag snaps me back to reality.

Reminds me of how feeble minded people are. They're more sheep-like than our sheep. But at least our real sheep have some redeeming features. Absolutely fuming evil.

@happygeek - I'm watching the news from my cottage just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada). In 45 minutes there have already been three separate news stories about the diamond jubilee. Please make it stop. It was bad enough when the entire country (my country) when batshit looney-tunes over the royal wedding (Chuck & Di), and then again with Willy and Kate. Now this. Kill me now.

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Turn off the TV Rev.
Makes me laugh - all those plebs haging up their once-a-decade Union Flags - they haven't even noticed that they've hanged them upside down! It'd be even funnier if it wasn't so pathetic.
The wife got out the Red Dragon today and draped it out of the window (right way up). Nice one luv.

Welsh, I take it? My mother was born in the Rhonda Valley. Her mother (Irish) and father (English) lived there during WW II

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Yep. I work in the Rhondda. Small World! Well, small country actually. Probably talking about 2 degrees of separation!
I'm gonna stop talking about that blasted Jubilee now before I get told off for hijacking this thread and acting un-mod like.
Apologies one and all. Here's my audio security blanket:

Grooveshark|: Yma o Hyd (Still Here)

From back in the 80s, Pascal Languirand - De Harmonia Universalia

Right now I am listening to Jambi from the band Tool.

7.25 hours of 1 man sniffing and rubbing a hole in the thys of his pants (top of, nothing dirty) in 1 ear and Calvin Harris in the other.

Drove from Shebandowan Lake to Wininipeg to pick up an Irish Setter. It's a five-year old who needs a good home and we have been without a dog for the last few months (the first time in 30 year). While driving (7 hours trip) I listened to Stories From the Vinyl Cafe by Stuart MacLean.

Dang Reverend Jim, that's a long drive for a dog. Winnipeg is where I call home!

You're from Winnipeg as well? My wife and I spend 4+ months at the cottage. I usually make a drive back mid summer for a week or so around my Mom's birthday to check on the house, do banking, etc. This year (mostly because of the dog) I decided to come back on Father's Day. Gonna spend Father's Day with #2 son and also get (got, actually, he's here now) a dog. What part of Winnipeg claims you? I'm in Transcona myself but originally from North Kildonan. I just looked at your bio and saw the "public utilities" part. Not Manitoba Hydro by chance? I worked there for 29 years.

I live in the Tyndal Park area and yes I work for MB Hydro. I just started there a little over 2 years ago in the Economic Analyisis department as a student hire. I decided to go to university in my early 30s and my bus used to pass the new Hydro building downtown everyday and everyday I would hope to get a call from them looking to hire me. They finally did and my department wants to keep me and has kept me on part time while I am in school. I see a very nice future with the company and I'm striving to fully automate the processes required for economist analysis (my ticket to creating a personal value within the company come full-time hire time). You are the first forum techy that I have met online from Winnipeg, it's kind of nice! What department did you work for? Are you really a reverend?

listening to the song young wild and free by: kalifa

Heavy - Swollen Members

I am listening a song "Naina Re" sung by Himesh Reshamia from movie Dangerous Ishq.

Tubular Bells (original) followed by Chopin's Ballade in G Minor (piano).

Scandinavian Music Group - Näin minä vihellän matkallani