Hello everyone. My name is Tobi and am a final year student studying mobile and wireless computing. Am about start my final year project and if anyone has any ideas will be great as am confused. Thanks

Welcome Tobi.
If this is a final year project then you are also sort of late (if I'm not mistaken project submission in UK is May/June).
As you failed to specify which language you comfortable in mobile computing ( there is number of them C++ for Symbian, C# for Windows platform, objective C for iPhone and some JavaScript, Java Microedition or Java for Android, plus some other brews like Python, BREW) there is wide area to work with and it is worthless to start as it may not apply to you.
So please state your technical background and time allocated for this task.

Am not late as I took last semester off so am just starting my final year project this semester and hand it in January 2009. Its like a reverse semester. Have been using java Microedition in Netbeans and am comfortable with that. I won't mind learning new languages.
I have alot of time to do it as i have 4 months summer break. I just need to hand in my proposal by wednesday. Thanks for your reply.

I would suggest to try to do something with Android as it is Java based ( NB has already plug-in, little buggy but otherwise working) as it gives you more resources to work with then JME.
However for both of them you can try following: something multimedia oriented, maybe image editing, mp3 player with some special features, e-business (connect phone with database to manage items in stock) or Bluetooth chat.
For my MSc I did application for visually impaired people, so while working with phone you have audio feedback. Main issue with the project was that JME is not able to run on top of operation system (meaning it does not start on mobile start-up you have to start it manually), there is no text-to-speech library for JME (there are some for traditional Java, but as been server based they are not applicable. However there is promise of such library for new release of JME, new JME should come out this month.). I think this sort of project could be easier on Android...

Thanks for the help. It gives me somewhere to start looking into.

Hey tobi,
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