Hi all - just getting my feet wet in some light programming after spending 14 years in Quality Assurance. Have already put together some exel based utilities, with a lot of help from generous users on the internet, and am now moving on to MS Access. I'm sure I'll be posting quite a bit here until I get the ball rolling!
Looking forward to picking your brains...

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Hello JP Romano,:)

Welcome to Daniweb Forum!
Feel free to share your ideas and knowledge
Enjoy your stay!


Would love to, but don't have access to the development environment here at work! I'd love to try building a truly independent application - and would love to start really learning the programming language the right way. Which is why I read so many posts here! Great site...


Good to see that you are enjoying your stay!
I must say this site is really awesome, the knowledge i am getting here about the SEO is great. So many professional people around here and providing the quality suggestions. I am very thankful to the Daniweb for making such a wonderful forum.

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