Hey all! I started to code php yesterday in need to create good dynamic websites to our server project for one game. I got c++ expirience of like 7 months soon, so the syntax is known to me excluding some differences. I've wondered how do I make a page like when you go to index page and click link from there it goes to page like index.php?Page=2 not to other php file. Did I says it enough clear. I really don't know with what word to google for it.

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headers are the way to go

// fullway: header('Location:./index.php?Page=2');

then to get the 2 you have todo: $page = $_GET['Page']; //$page will be 2

Thanks! So I can use one page as master page like?

You said you started coding PHP yesterday and today you want to make a dynamic Website? If I get you well, you should spend little more time familiarizing with PHP/MySQL before jumping to such project (Or you know already of two beasts?)

Welcome to PHP anyway ;)

Yes Im wanting to make UCP for our server control panel I got some idea how to create I think I need to start session first and store all data there taken from mysql to show for the user who logs in.

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Got to give Kudos for the self confidence,
you found a great place to ask questions if confidence isnt enough

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