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i answered this question as follows

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

If I remember correctly I think I needed to ask a question, so I searched google and came across DaniWeb and quickly joined up.

but after seeing my first post dated to march 2008 but my first code snippet was dated to right after i join, i remembered that i joined to daniweb to create a blog for the things i learn each day about programming. Then my blog becomes highly visited until Dani sent me a privated message saying that i need to remove those blog enteries from my blog as they are not suitable for the blog thing, and she said i could post them to forums, then i did so. Then i started to involve in forums after two months. Yeah, you can not find your own history in any books so it is better to keep some diary stuff. Actually then what followed is more interesting, binoj daniel thought that i was a talented guy(he probably thought i post those solved threads within a very short time, although it was not the case), and he suggested me to write some articles for his website www.coderewind.com . i was honoured with that offer, and after sending one article to him , i asked him if i am capable enough to work in USA for his company, and he affirmed. Then that became an issue of how to get work visa from usa, i am not going to tell the details but i ended up working as a software developer in usa, so because of dani telling me to remove my blog enteries from my blog to the appropriate forums, i have become a software developer in usa :)

here is the message from happy geek :

march 11th:

Hi there

Just a quick note to ask that you post your programming tips in the appropriate forums rather than the blog section here. DaniWeb blogs have always been intended to be more of an IT news area than hints and tips. Indeed, such things are much better placed in the forums as they will hit the right audience there, get more views, encourage more feedback and help more members of the community.

If you can cut and and paste your entries across to the appropriate forums that would be appreciated. The blog entries as they stand will be deleted after 48 hours as part of an ongoing housekeeping routine.

All the best

i said :

You will have to totaly delete my blog then ? Go for it what can i say

and i think Dani or happy geek said so :

The blogs need an editorial content, rather than just being programming tips. The forums are the right place for these, not the blog section.

However, the content you have posted is not rubbish by any means, which is why I am happy to give you a 48 hour pass during which you can copy them over to the appropriate forum instead so your efforts are not wasted.

If you don't want to do this let me know and I will delete the blog entries forthwith.

No, i will copy and paste those to appropriate forums. I thought forums were about asking and answering, but not like tutorials. I will appreciate those two days to copy and paste sir. Thanks.

and this is binoj daniel's encouraging message :


I have been looking at your posts on this site. I am looking for some article write for my technical portal. let me know if you would be interested. We can talk about it further if you can write code articles.


i agreed and this is his second message afterwards :

In that case take a look at my website and register on it. See what are the patterns of the existing articles and let me know if you can post a sample article to judge your writing skills and your technical knowledge. I would basically prefer articles with sample code files attached so that user can download and use it. Let me know. And let me know how much do you expect per article.

this was my respond :

What do you think about my blog entries in daniweb. Since Dani asked me to carry my blog entries to appropriate forums, i copied and pasted them to within forums. What do you think about my technical knowledge base, my english(my native language is turkish)? If i were to write those entries as articles i would be more clear on the explanations. I can convert one of the entries to look like an article for your website, for your judging. I dont know if my articles are professional enough to get paid. Please tell me about all these.

then we started to talk on msn messenger, and later i even created a project for him :)

We forget many things we do in our lives... keeping a diary is a good thing, keeping it away from other people is hard..

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keeping a diary is a good thing, keeping it away from other people is hard..

It's especially hard when you tell the world what is inside ;)

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