Hello guys,

well i am not an IT man but just looking from some answers and information or even some informations abt software.

I will be this year 57 and workless. Happy to know that I am not alone in this club of ages. I do not ennoy me one minuit. Why should I ?

Neverthelss I worked for abt 30 years as representative and later a took over the company. We were suppliers for the shoe industry

I have closed the plant and since 2003 I could not find work.

Therfore I found an interesting hobby which I suppose I started already in 1998 and well a firm database of musicians or composers and singers. The goal of this database is to complete a list of co0nnectikons. It is a long way to go and meanwhile I have achieved or reached nearly 147,000 people. It sounds much, but as you know there are a lot of musicians in this world. The exact count i suppose passing more then 2-3 millions even more. I am not sure but I believe to be sure.

I am intereted in html and i am searching sometime s help of anyone. But of couirse I should send a file as an example, i suppose that woulkd not create problems.

My home site I have hired at a friend of mine and you can take
a look on that page as follows:


So if there will be something I will contact you.

By this success with your forum and

best regards


Hi, Welcome to DaniWeb!:)