Hahahaha this made me chuckle so I thought i'd share. I went on YT today, just to test flash functionality with a new browser and OS, and I clicked on a random vid of the IT Crowd. And then got a screen with most of it upside down.

Wasn't quite sure what to make of it until I clicked a link on the page that said "Tips for viewing the new layout". It's not with every video, so not sure which ones you'd have to view. The one I was watching is called IT Crowd Series Episode I - Bullies.

Screenshots attached. Enjoy


Nice one :) Its not even a real video but just the picture of the video page they turned upside down.

Oh no no no, the video actually played - UPSIDE DOWN! That's what made it convincing! And then it was suggested to turn your head to one side to get the best viewing pleasure!!

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Lol. The BBC one was good

Check the video page here. Now I'm not big on web programming but u'll notice the "flip" variable in the URL.

And then in the blue bar on the right-hand-side click on 'Tips for viewing the new layout' for more info. :D
Don't know how long they'll keep it live for, but I hope for a month at least.

AAAND, I believe you can just add '&flip=1' to the end of any video and it'll work.

Lol. The BBC one was good

What was the BBC one?

New Apple Toaster lol. Last year it was pengiuns that could fly.

Lol. "the iPlayer Toaster Edition can optionally burn the iPlayer play button logo into the toast using our new HD (High Darkness) rendering mode". Very good indeed