how to add youtube videos in windows player in winforms using what is other way to do this.

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Just add the wmp dll from references, and than store that videos in a folder, and than give a path of that folder to wmp.

as per the original question. Windows Media Player cannot stream videos from youtube because windows don't have a FLV codec. and they won't make on because Microsoft and Adobe and a falling out a few years back, and since Adobe acquired the flash platform and refused to give Microsoft the rights to use it on thier system. Microsoft created silverlight, and thus, Flash Video Integration into windows won't be around legally for quite some time. Sorry.


if you want to just load a flash plugin com object into you C# windows form app and load into that a swf movie that plays FLV, you can then migrate flv videos from youtube to your application.

But that's all the help I can provide as I am really busy right not, and this is a very complicated project.

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u can check this link also

i want to view youtube lively in my appliction using flash player or media player in windows form in

lol yeah, that will work, IF the video on the net is in a windows acceptable format, like WMV, or an AVI package that your system has a codec for, otherwise, it will crash. There are no easy answers.