30 minutes of YouTube video uploaded every second

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I have just been reading about the YouTube Porn Day scandal and it reminded me that I had been meaning to pass this little snippet of information on, direct from a YouTube Team Member and serving to illustrate just how popular the Google owned video clip sharing site has become. That truly sickening porn videos disguised as family content story takes on a whole new dimension of disgust when you appreciate the kind of popularity we are talking about here.

According to Ryan Junee, Product Manager at YouTube, an astonishing 20 hours of video content are uploaded to the service every single minute, or more than 30 minutes of film every second.

To put that into some historical context, Junee reveals that in mid-2007 YouTube was seeing around six hours a minute being uploaded, and this grew to 15 hours by January this year. That is "the equivalent of Hollywood releasing over 86,000 new full-length movies into theaters each week" Junee insists.

He also mentions a new method of uploading video content, with a feature that "allows users to conveniently record a video response immediately after watching a video, making the YouTube experience even more social" by clicking an icon to activate your webcam and record your comments.

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Videos has an advantage as an easy medium of sharing information.The disadvantage comes when it is used in an offensive way like on porn and other unlawful way.

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