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Hehehe! It's time to mint $100 coins so we can get cars, boats and , yes, goats from the vending machine.


If you want to see the future of vending machines, examine life in Japan. Coin-operated vending machines are a legacy item - back when I was a child, cigarette vending machines did not give change so the line up of products actually had pennies factory-sealed into the packs. You put your 30cents in and made your selection; the packs usually had 1,2,or3-cents in them (this was back when a penny was worth a penny). Oh, yeah - none of this sissy filter crap, you wanted to smoke, you spit bits of tobacco out.

What a flashback - Chesterfields, Winstons, Marlboros (was a ladies brand back then with filters 'Mild as May'; the 3 original 'Marlbor Man' cowboys died of lung cancer; "Death In the West" opens with the original MM in silhouette, on his horse - as he approaches, the detail of his OxyTank and breathing tube become apparent. In 1979, the settlement of a lawsuit had all copies of the anti-smoking film suppressed), Luck Strikes (LSMFT- often translated as Loose Straps Mean Floppy T..s), Camels, Pall Malls,

But I digress

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