im looking a fully automated solution ... something a little more robust and safety-validated.

manual testing has too many pitfalls

i swear, this was funnier when it was in the IT Professionals Lounge and juxtaposed against the "Time Tracking Software Recommendations" thread

now it's just kinda :icon_rolleyes:


Well, Dr. Kaos has this to say:

I thank gemini (i'm a gemini too by the way) for adding to my point concerning plant teachers - and to RFG, LSD is FULLY dissociative for me - I have the cosmos in the palm of my hand on this - I'm the star-crusher, the darkness, the void. The time-bender reality expendor. There is no "me" there are an infinite number of possible me's yet to be embodied -It is extremely difficult to consider why humans left the jungle on earth while one is exploring another planet in Andromeda. My preference in earth sacraments stems from my preference in the rich and colorful human history on earth, versus the vast intergalactic nothingness made apparent to me by LSD. Leary contends that there are 8 circuits in the HCNS, 6(neuroelectric) is activated by psilocybin, 7(neurogenetic) by LSD, and 8(neuroatomic) by ketamine. For me, 7 is fully active under 3g syrian rue + 2g dried cubensis. 8 is fully active for me under 200ug LSD. Quite frankly I've never tried ketamine because I'm AFRAID of what circuit 9 holds. If it holds a quantum jump to an actual nether-reality.

On the other hand, I have made it to the 8th circuit with no side-effects other than posting inane things to obscure forums on an oddly neural-pathway-like network of linked computers. I remember that all during the 1970's MDMA (ecstasy) was the Holy Grail of drugs - always searched for but never found but now is used by so many people that no one uses it any more. I will never know the joys of the 9th circuit.