Hello, I'm new to the forum. I ran into it at school (of all places) while trying to find some information for an editorial I wish to write for my school newspaper. The place caught my interest quickly, and I had resolved to sign up and look deeper into the site.

Now, I haven't read all the stickies yet, but currently I assume that this place has no common "cause" and is simply around for debates/rants/etc. I hope that I can rant and argue about things shamelessly here, and receive constructive feedback (although the whole forum itself seems to contradict the idea of anarchy...I'm sure there's a sticky addressing that around here, too).

Anyhow, good evening. How are you gentlemen?

DaniWeb is an IT-related discussion site, not a site for "rants/debates/etc". The Geeks Lounge, which is just one of the forums of many, would be the only appropriate place for such postings. Perhaps a perusal of the FAQ would be useful. You'll find little in the way of sticky threads mentioning anarchy.

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