Hello folks!!

After the launch of thefilegarage.com, i am now looking for a new web project to start working on.
But the thing is, I dont know what type of website to make.

My goal is simple. Getting the maximum number of daily visitors as possible. Also, if i can get the website to generate just $30 a month, then im happy.

I was thinking of building a social networking website, like hi5.com or facebook.com. Is it a good idea?

What sort of website do you guys think i should work on?

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well, i guess im left up to myself on this one.

I would suggest first making a website on everybodys favourit topic (whatever you think that is) then when you get around 3 visits a day, create a community. As for getting the website to generate $30 monthly, first use google adsense to place advertisements on your site (remember to read the maximum amount of adds to be placed).

When you get at least one visitor a day, expand the site enough so that some parts have a login system that requires small monthly payments to be able to access those parts of the site. By saying small payments, I mean like $4 American Dollars.
You could also have people with a different type of page access account costing $6 monthly where they are add free. This would be done through php which you can pm me for help on.

Then when you have about 3 visitors a day (average) add a forum:
If you use something such as phpbb for the community forum on your site, set it so that when a person joins the forum, there is a one time joining fee. This can be done by using a setting that makes admin approve of a members registration.

Of course, the first thing you need to do before all of this is to attract plenty of visitors and to have plenty of content ready to upload.

Thanks a lot for your advice Cwarn23. Ill do my best to apply them.

I've an Auction website just for hobby.
But it is so interesting to manage visitors and I can also earn money.
You can also try that.
I bought script from AJ square. Its well. If you wish you can also refer www.ajsquare.com
Hope you'll like that.
This is what my suggestion to have more visitors fro your site.

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